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Age Pension Application Assistance

With over 20 years of experience providing age pension application assistance for clients all over Australia, our team there at Pension & Aged Care Services are the experts you can rely on to deliver a quick and efficient service today.

Age Pension Form Assistance

Our 3-step age pension form assistance service is simple:

  1. Through an initial consultation with one of our friendly and professional consultants, our team will first complete an examination of your current circumstances to determine the right age pension rate you should be receiving.​

  2. With your final approval, our team will then go ahead and prepare, complete and lodge all necessary documents and forms for your age pension application on your behalf through to Centrelink.

  3. Once you’re all set up with your new pension, our team will then be available for any further questions and enquiries you may have in the future.

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Centrelink Pension Application Assistance

At Pension & Aged Care Services, our priority is to ensure all our clients receive their age pension payments as soon as possible. Our Centrelink pension application assistance services can cover a variety of different legal government requirements, including:

  • Completion of Age Pension Claim Form

  • Income & Assets form

  • Completion of any other required modules (from $220 per module)

  • Lodgement of requested documentation

  • Monitoring progress of the claim through to finalisation

About Us

Age Pension Help Providing Peace Of Mind

From lodging documents, forms, applications to answering legal questions, our experts here at Pension & Aged Care Services will ensure all your Centrelink requirements are covered swiftly and properly through our age pension help services.

Please give us a call on 0425 719 370 or send us an enquiry online now for more information or to receive a quote from our team.

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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say Logo

Hi Jim and Jeremy

Am I glad that my accountant referred me to your Company. Your knowledge and expertise in resolving my Centrelink issues was exceptional. The guidance that you gave our accountant in relation to our Family trust was invaluable. As our accountant said to us, there is the ‘real world’ and then there is Centrelink ‘world’. Your knowledge of Centrelink policy and systems was amazing. We had spent a lot of time trying to understand the complex workings of Centrelink which you were able to solve in minutes.

Thank you again.

Vanessa H

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