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Australian Pension Assets Test

When you’re looking into applying for the age pension for the first time, our consultants here at Pension & Aged Care Services can assist with helping you apply for the right pension rates, based on your current circumstances and accumulated assets. With over 20 years of experience dealing with various government departments, we guarantee our team will be able to sort out your age pension application quickly and efficiently.

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As one of the most important legal aspects for an age pension application, the Australian Age Pension assets test is vital in determining if you’re eligible for a full or part age pension, and what rate you will receive.

The assets test is also different from an age pension income test, as this will separately assess your income from all sources, including financial assets such as your super. If you’re married, in a registered relationship or in a de-facto relationship, the assets of your partner will also be counted towards your own.

So, what gets assessed under the Australian Age Pension assets test? Any items or physical property you or your partner own, both in part and in full, are assessed. These include the following:

  • Any investments you have made

  • The contents of your home

  • Motor vehicles

  • Other personal effects and assets

  • All streams of income

  • Pensions from superannuation

  • Real estate

  • Any private trusts or partnerships you’re connected to

  • Private companies or sole trader businesses you are part of

Assets are then valued under their current market value.

For more information on the Australian Age Pension assets test and how our team can help properly prepare your age pension application, please get in touch with us today.

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Hi Jim and Jeremy

Am I glad that my accountant referred me to your Company. Your knowledge and expertise in resolving my Centrelink issues was exceptional. The guidance that you gave our accountant in relation to our Family trust was invaluable. As our accountant said to us, there is the ‘real world’ and then there is Centrelink ‘world’. Your knowledge of Centrelink policy and systems was amazing. We had spent a lot of time trying to understand the complex workings of Centrelink which you were able to solve in minutes.

Thank you again.

Vanessa H

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