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Pension and Aged Care Services

Whether you need assistance with an Age Pension application or you need someone to review and update your Centrelink requirements on an ongoing basis, we are here for you.

Read on to see how Pension and Aged Care Services can assist you.

Friends On A Walk
Friends On A Walk


Consultations with our experts involve:

  • Comprehensive analysis of entitlements based on current policy and legislation.

  • Assessing individual circumstances and exploring all avenues to maximise your entitlements.

  • Assistance with all Centrelink & Aged Care issues.

  • Addressing strategies to maximise both current and future entitlements.

We offer both face to face and telephone/video consultations.  Our service extends Australia wide and Internationally.

The information provided to us will only be used in dealing with the Departments of Centrelink or Aged Care.

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Aged Pension Application Service

Take the stress and hassle out of applying for the Age Pension. From completing and lodging forms to assisting with the income and assets test to liaising with Centrelink, our team can help you.

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Romantic Couple

Ongoing Support Program

Our Ongoing Support Program consists of:

  • Reviewing Centrelink entitlements

  • Updating Centrelink records

  • Assessing the effect of new policy and legislative changes on your entitlements

  • Communicating with Centrelink on your behalf, when necessary

  • Preparing and lodging annual Trust and Company reviews, if applicable.

Cost of Service from $550 per annum (incl. GST). Quotes will be provided for complex cases.

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Aged Care Information Service

Learn more about Aged Care fees, Home Care Packages, and Centrelink entitlements. Pension & Aged Care Services will help you make the right decision for your future, your family, and your finances.

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Romantic Couple

Pension Assets Test

Maximise your pension based on your current circumstances. Our team will help you navigate the Australian Pension Assets Test to ensure you start receiving payments quickly and efficiently.

Pension & Aged Care Services can provide quotes for standard and complex cases.

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